• What is Marriagenyc's credentials?
We are Ordained Clergy Members with privileges and accredited seminary / Ministers and Marriage Officiants certified by the City of New York to officiate at weddings.

• Why are we advertising these services?
People who are not members of a congregation or just want a simple civil ceremony often have no idea where to turn to find a marriage officiate or a bilingual marriage officiant at that (ENGLISH and SPANISH). We perform civil
ceremonies / non-denomination wedding ceremonies.

• Where will Mariagenyc, Inc. perform the wedding ceremony?
We will travel anywhere in the Tri-State are. The wedding ceremony can occur at any of the following locations but and are not limited to: restaurant, hall, garden, park, home, beach, church, etc.

• What is the charge for these services?
The basic standard vows are inexpensive. This fee increases when more complex vows are used. For a complete listing please e-mail

• When and how do you pay for our services?
You may pay Marriagenyc, Inc. the day of the ceremony, before the actual wedding ceremony. Cash is preferred. Certified bank check or money order made payable to
Marriagenyc, Inc.

• What will Marriagenyc, Inc. do for you?
In addition to officiating at your ceremony and filling the paperwork, we will provide the couple with a Marriage Certificate (not the Official New York City Marriage Certificate - by request only).

• Do you have to be Christian to hire Marriagenyc, Inc.?
We work with Ordained Ministers, however, a wedding ceremony is considered the ultimate reflection of the people making life long commitments to one another. We are very flexible in working with you for a more non-traditional, personalized wedding ceremony.