Bilingual services available for any ceremony

* Renewal of Vows (for couples who would like to publicly renew their commitment to each other)

* Standard Ceremony (for couples wanting a short, private ceremony)

* Same-Sex Ceremony (For the LBGT Community)


* Couples Ceremony (allows for couple to add their own personal touch)

* Religious Ceremony (contains religious or biblical content)

* Long Ceremony (an extension of the standard with additional declarations of love & definitions of marriage)

* Full Ceremony (a combination of the standard, couples and long ceremony)

* Spanish Civil Ceremony (the standard ceremony performed in Spanish)

* Spanish Religious Ceremony (the religious ceremony performed in Spanish)

* Spanish Long Ceremony (the long ceremony performed in Spanish)

* Extras that can be added to any ceremony such as honoring the parents, silent blessing, ring ceremony explanation, help writing your personal vows, unity candle lighting ceremony, pouring of the sand ceremony and much more…